Friday, July 20, 2012

Why I left the church

The list of reasons of why I left the church could go on and on.  I'll forever be editing this post to add more and more, but let's just start with a simple list. Some reasons are more juvenile than others.  Some are very serious.  But all played their part in me leaving the church.

1. I was absolutely miserable when I did anything relating to the church.
      ~ Going to Sacrament Meeting, Girls' "Camp," Mutual, Sunday School, charity events. 

2. I had no choice but to do these things that made me miserable.

3. God apparently despises anyone that isn't Mormon, especially the gays and the blacks.

4.  I have to pay 10% to get into heaven.  Seriously, what's god going to do with 10% of my money? (Besides build five-billion-dollar shopping malls in Salt Lake City?)

5. All my choices, even insignificant ones like what I could wear, were taken from me. 

6. Mormonism (along with many other religions) actively campaigns against being an intellectual.

7. My job as a female was to bear spirit children and then raise them to be god's little soldiers. That's it.

8. Many Mormons have superiority complexes. Combine that with faith in a divine that supports those superiority complexes and it's quite a headache to be around most Mormons.

9. The church lies about many things.

10. The church actively tries to silence those who protest against it.

11. The church is extremely sexist, racist, and otherwise bigoted.

12. The church covers up the ugly aspects of its history.

13. God does not exist.

14. Being a Mormon made me a bitch towards many non-mormons who were actually quite decent people.  It took a long time to deflate my ego.

15. The church comes first.  I will never have easy-going, honest relationships with any of my family members because they find me and my lifestyle "saddening" and regularly talk about how "lost" or "misled" I am.

And the list goes on and on.  What are your reasons for leaving the church?

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  1. I also discovered that I needed an entire blog to collect and make sense of all the reasons I had to leave the church. There's just too much material to think of everything and write it all down in one sitting!

    That Goethe quote in your picture--I haven't come across it before. When I got to this page, I was astonished at how perfectly it described the Mormon experience.